We offer reliable, affordable and professional services from a basic tune up to a complete overhaul for your bicycle. We can fix your wheels or build new ones. Assemble your bike and fit them to you. You can check out below what we can do for you. 



Tune-Ups & Overhaul Packages
(Making your bike perform like the first day you bought it)
We are offering five (5) different packages to fit your biking needs:
- Tune-ups  
- Overhauls
- Brake System tune-up 
- Drive - Train Overhaul 
- Safety checks (focuses less on performance and more on safety)
Starting @ $45.00


Wheel Building

We have a wide range of options for wheel building from checking your spoke tension or just truing your wheel (radial, lateral and dish) to building a wheel from start to finish. All depending on your requirements or concerns (speed, strength, weight, etc). Replacing spokes with the correct length, gauge and tension.


Starting @ $20.00


Part Replacement

Sometimes all you need is a part. We can take the hassle away of trying to find the correct replacement part at extreme costs. We work with many distributors to offer you affordable pricing on most bike parts


COST depending on the part 


Bike Assembly

Since more and more people are going online to purchase their bicycle(s), we are offering a bike assembly package, so you can get your bike on the road or trail safely. The bike will come to you in a box, with many parts. We will assemble correctly, lubricate and torque to specification on all bolts, true the wheels, adjust the brakes, adjust the front and rear derailleurs, to name a few. We will specifically fit your bicycle to you!


STARTING @ $50.00